Double Critical

Double Critical Podcast is a Star Wars Legion based Podcast, focused on talking not about what we already have, but rather what we want to see in the future! It’s wishlists, theorycraft, and speculation! Come hang out with us as Tim and Sean take deep dives into what might possibly occur, or what may never be!

Episode 10: The Gen Con Episode!

Episode 9 : The Sith and the Jedi

Episode 8 : Darth Maul and A New Hope

Episode 7 : The Empire Strikes Back (Walkers, Creatures, and Bounty Hunters!)

Episode 6 : Return of the Jedi! (Why Jabba did Nothing Wrong!)

Episode 5 : Rogue One!

Episode 4: Terrain and Lando!

Episode 3: Sub Factions!

Episode 2: Upgrades! And War Corgi!

Episode 1: The Double Critical

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