Legion Ultimate Characters

Vader Down!

It’s an Ultimate Epic Darth Vader to help you recreate an iconic scene from the Darth Vader comic “Vader Down”. Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced crashes and he is quickly surrounded by rebels, but as far as he is concerned, he is only surrounded by Fear… and Dead Men!

You can play him with normal setup rules, or modify the setup to place him in the center, fully surrounded, or even play a 3 player game, letting 1 player be in the red deployment zones, and the other in the blue. The enemy MUST kill Vader to win!

Vader Down – Ultimate Vader version 1.01

Ultimate Palpatine!

This is my first Ultimate Encounter for Star Wars Legion – It’s a free way to try out what an Ultimate Fight might be like if Palpatine truly went unleashed against an army of rebels!

Ultimate Palpatine 800-point Unit Card