Note – My giveaways are my own.  YouTube does not in any way endorse or have anything to do with my contests.  

Most of my giveaways tend to follow the same two rules.

  1. Be a subscriber!  (Public subscriber – if you keep your sub’s secret I won’t know!)
  2. Leave a Comment on a video!  (Mean comments will be disqualified!  Be kind!)

It’s as simple as that.   I’ll announce winners usually at the end of a video.  Giveaways tend to run for a few weeks, and the goal is that you’ll watch all the way to the end!

Update – 9/27/2020 – ARC Trooper Giveaway!

For the ARC Trooper Giveaway, I’ll send you one of my ARC Troopers following the above normal rules, however this will run up until Oct 31st, 2020.   Winner will be announced early November.

There is a SECOND ARC Trooper giveaway which follows my Social Media rule below:

Social Media Giveaway Rule:

In addition to being a subscriber, you must also Share a post on facebook, or re-tweet a tweet on twitter.   One of each will get you an entry.   Blindly sharing everything will not get you bonus entries.  I’ll announce your twitter handle or facebook username is you win.  It’s literally a 50/50 chance which of the two platforms will contain the winner, so either one is fine, but using both is better!


Older announcements –

For January and February 2019, I’m running a Force FX Lightsaber giveaway.  The winner will receive an electronic Amazon gift card in the amount of $150, which can be used to purchase a lightsaber of their choice.   As lightsabers on Amazon tend to fluctuate in price depending on demand, this is just a flat amount.  If you want a $200 Saber you’ll have to pay the rest out of pocket.  If you find a Saber that costs $70, then congrats you can now buy two!   You can do whatever you want with the gift card – but I had to pick an amount and $150 seemed like a good and generous amount.

How will you know if you win?

Easy – watch all of my videos!   I announce winners at the end of videos, and this contest will have a winner announced on or about the 1st of March 2019.  I’ll announce the winner and then they will have to contact me through my ABOUT page on my YouTube channel.  I’ll then arrange to get them the gift card as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours of contacting me.

The spirit of this contest is to promote discussion on my channel, interaction among Star Wars and Gaming fans, and provide a little excitement and reward for one lucky subscriber.  I reserve the right to disqualify anyone from prize winning eligibility at my own discretion.  This would generally be spam bots, hate speech, are generally people being cruel to each other.  I will not reward someone for being a jerk to my subscribers.

Good luck!  May the Force be with you!