Sector Fleet – An Official Star Wars Armada Format for Larger Battles

While Star Wars Armada can be played at any agreed-upon point limit, the most common is 400 points. With the end of support from Asmodee and Atomic Mass Games recently been announced, players may want to experiment with larger fleets to give themselves a sense of a true “Armada” and to try fleets they simply didn’t have the points for in the past.

Sector Fleet is an official format introduced by FFG. It is a larger game format that allows for team games, and regular 1v1 games at higher point costs. Weather you want to go slightly higher with a 600 point fleet, or go over 1000 points, Sector Fleet has rules for these setups.

There are 3 important distinctions with Sector Fleet rules that set it apart from simply doing a normal game at a higher point cost.

  1. Squadrons – Squadrons are limited to 1/4th the total point cost, while still having the regular squadron rules, (1 defense token unique squadron per 100 points).
  2. Flotillas – at 600 points and above your fleet can have a maximum of 3 Flotillas.
  3. Multiplayer – Multiplayer rules exist at these point levels and allow for you and your teammate to each bring a separate fleet and it outlines how those fleets can interact and what effects can NOT extend to your partners fleet.