SuperStarDestroyer A-wing Bad Joke Intervention Portal

Mission Statement:

This portal is here to inform you that your A-Wing jokes are bad, and you need to stop this joking immediately.

  • You aren’t the first person to make this type of joke.
  • You aren’t the 100th person to make this type of joke.
  • Arvel Crynd in his A-Wing, did not bring down the Executor alone.
  • The Executor lost it’s bridge deflector, due to a coordinated attack.
  • Admiral Ackbar actually deserves most of the credit.
  • In Armada, a single A-Wing would be demolished by a Super Star Destroyer.
  • The SSD has the strongest anti-squadron capabilities of any ship in game.
  • Bad jokes make Yoda’s Ghost cry.


Please, let’s stop the insanity together.