The Future of Armada! An Interview with Michael Gernes!

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with FFG’s Michael Gernes, Lead Developer for Star Wars Armada!

We talked about everything ranging from The Clone Wars, to Wave 2, to future support for Rebels and the Empire!

Some highlights from the interview include:

  • Pass Tokens – Pass Tokens will be assigned at the beginning of the game, are partially influenced by the composition of your fleet (Large Ships will likely give you more), and also are influenced by weather you are 1st Player or 2nd.
  • Faction Identities – We talked about the new faction, and Michael spoiled a new separatist card that upgrades a token’s effect to a full dial effect!
  • Konstantine! – Everyone’s least favorite commander, Konstantine, is getting refined to be more playable and to work with Huge Ship! Konstantine SSD here we go!
  • The Future! Armada will continue to support Empire and Rebel fleets – players just need to be patient!
  • So much more!

Here’s the full video!

X-Wing Wave 3! The Clone Wars!

Wave 3 has been announced and it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  The Clone Wars have officially begun!


This is officially being dubbed as Wave 3, and it’s exciting for so many reasons!   First off, it’s not JUST new factions!  We are getting a Scum Z-95 and an Imperial TIE Striker!   There seems to be nothing for the Rebels yet, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for that.  It’s probably going to be tricky to fit 7 factions worth of expansions into each wave that’s coming, so we’ll probably see some alternating releases for awhile!

The Z-95 is sporting a new paint job!

The TIE Striker appears to be virtually identical to the original.

It’s also worth noting that the Z-95 and TIE Striker don’t come with any new cards that aren’t already found in their respective conversion kits, so if you were hoping for new pilots for these ships you are likely out of luck for the foreseeable future.  The good news however, is that if you’ve already got your kits, you probably can skip these purchases altogether!


Additionally, we are getting Squadron Packs!

These new squadron packs will act much like a miniature faction starter!   Coming with 3 ships each they’ll remind you of the structure of the original core set, but these don’t come with dice, damage decks, or templates – so you’ll still need the core game’s box to play if you are just now diving into X-Wing.

Darth Maul’s Scimitar looks awesome and will have the ability to cloak!

The Vulture Droid expansion will sport a different pain job than the squadron pack, so if you want extras this is an additional option.

The ARC-170 looks even more beautiful than the rebels’ version, and looks to come with Chancellor Palpatine!

The Delta 7 has a new paint job, and through this preview we notice some new pink/purple actions, that likely interact with the force somehow!


Which faction are you most excited about?