Star Wars Unlimited: FFG’s Third Attempt

Friday March 8th 2024 is the release date for Star Wars Unlimited – a new collectible card game based in the Star Wars Universe by Fantasy Flight Games. This marks FFG’s third dive into Star Wars Card games. Their first attempt was Star Wars: The Card Game; a Living Card Game that didn’t quite have the longevity that fans wanted and ended support with it’s final World Championship Tournament in 2018.

That paved the way for Star Wars Destiny – which broke the format up a bit to see a more traditional “Collectible Card Game” format, but added dice – a single die to each booster. This game was cancelled in 2020, and left many fans swearing that they would never support another FFG game again.

But now Star Wars Unlimited is coming out and it has some fans asking how it will be different this time? Will this game survive for only a few years or will it last like powerhouse card games like Pokémon and Magic the Gathering? With the recent initial success of Disney Lorcana – it seems that CCG’s are on a relative “high” right now – seeing a wave of success. But will the crowded market leave enough room for Star Wars Unlimited to grow? And will the fan base be willing to give FFG yet another chance?

I gave them a chance by attending a pre-release event last week and honestly – I had a pretty good time. The card art isn’t my favorite, but the game played smooth and simple, while having a good depth of interactions and strategy. I think it’s got some promise, but in reality only time will tell.

My initial “First Impressions” video on YouTube

One thing that makes this game different is the inclusion of multiplayer functionality from the beginning. The “Twin Suns” Format is a singleton format that grants each player a second leader, and has a few extra “claim” options for ending each round, but is still very similar to the normal ruleset. I think a casual approach to a game like this is the right approach and I’m looking forward to trying the multiplayer variant with friends!

What to Buy First for Star Wars Armada – 2023

Updated Buyer’s Guide for Star Wars Armada in 2023.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new ship or squadron for Armada. Since AMG has taken over the reigns, there hasn’t been much, if any news for the game at all. But it hasn’t been a complete void. Now in 2023 we’ve seen our second installment of Rapid Reinforcements and with that comes a host of new opportunities, strategies, challenges, and best of all – cross faction ships!

With this in mind, it was long past time to update my long-running series of “What to buy first on a budget” for Star Wars Armada! Each video is dedicated to a specific faction.

Republic Buyer’s Guide
Separatist Buyer’s Guide
Rebels Buyer’s Guide
Empire Buyer’s Guide

This also marks the first year I’ve done individual guides for each of the Clone Wars factions. Hopefully you enjoy it!

Star Wars Shatterpoint! New Information! Interview with AMG’s Will Shick!

Star Wars Shatterpoint, the newest tabletop miniatures game from Atomic Mass Games, is set to launch later this year! It will have gameplay demos at Adepticon, but for now, in early 2023, much information hasn’t been revealed, until now.

Atomic Mass Games’ Head of Product Development Will Shick, sat down for an interview where we discussed Star Wars Shatterpoint in significant detail! Check it out below!

Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught!

Ok I’ve been waiting for this game forever and it’s finally here!

Core Set Unboxing Video

It’s such a unique experience and something I’ve been wanting for a long time! Most Dungeon Crawl games are cooperative, but not Onslaught! In this game it’s team versus Team, both competing for the treasures in a deep dark dungeon! But there are also monsters! You’ll have to decide on weather to attack the monsters, to seek the treasure, or to attack the other team directly! Add in the ability to level up mid-game and to use once or twice per game temporary abilities and you have some really tense and dynamic moments that can make your games memorable and fun!

Many Arrows Faction Pack Unboxing Video

In addition to the 2 factions in the fore set, more faction packs are available as well! I’m eagerly looking forward to what comes next for this game!

Red Wizards Faction Pack Unboxing

Check them out here:

Shatterpoint! A New Star Wars Game!

2023 is going to bring us a brand new Star Wars Tabletop game: Star Wars Shatterpoint!

Star Wars Shatterpoint Core Set

In what looks to be a scale with slightly larger miniatures than Star Wars Legion, Star Wars Shatterpoint boasts several new characters not yet seen on our tabletops, and a close quarters skirmish game that aims to bring it’s own ruleset and experience to your tabletop!

Larger Miniatures, Dynamic Poses, and familiar bases remind us of Marvel Crisis Protocol’s tabletop appeal.

With it’s own unique art style, Shatterpoint looks to include only characters featured in The Clone Wars, marking this as the first ever Star Wars game NOT to lead with Luke Skywalker facing off against Darth Vader! While information is still fairly limited, we do know that many Clone Wars characters are also coming with the game’s launch, such as Ahsoka Tano, Lord Maul, Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett, Count Dooku, General Grievous, and Assaj Ventress. Other confirmed characters to be coming in future expansions include Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, and Padme Amidala.

Here I talk about what we know so far about Star Wars Shatterpoint

Star Wars Shatterpoint is expected to launch in the Summer of 2023 with the first demo opportunities to be at Adepticon of 2023. More information will be available soon, so stay tuned!

AMG Misprints – Can it be fixed?

AMG has been having a rough time lately with near constant errors and misprints in many of their recent releases for titles like Legion, Armada, and X-Wing. With a recent vow to do better and some personnel helping out with social media, it looks like they are pledging to make things better in the future. But will it be enough?

AMG recently issued the following notice to their social media with regards to the many errors with the Legion Battle Packs. They offered Print and Play documents on their website to address corrections and items that were left out. And while this effort was addressing the 501st and Separatist Invasion packs, the other Battle Forces have had mistakes as well.

AMG Issued this notice with regards to the errors and missing parts of the recent Legion Battle Force packs.

The Battle Force Packs aren’t the only issues AMG has had with it’s Star Wars titles. Earlier Legion waves have had misprinted cards, cards not included, incorrect basing on the box art, and even “Marvel” printed on Din Djarin and Grogu’s model sprue, in place of Lucasfilm. These types of issues aren’t only for Legion either. X-Wing’s first Scenario Pack “The Battle of Yavin” has multiple misprints and even Armada’s digital-only release “Rapid Reinforcements I” had digital errata shortly after release to correct some significant mistakes.

While it is certainly problematic to have this many errors – we can also recognize that they have acknowledged that there are problems and are pledging to do better. Time will have to tell. How do you think AMG will do in 2023?

A Recent Livestream where we talked about these very issues.

Armada Ship Breakdowns!

I’ve been running a series of Ship Breakdowns for Star Wars Armada – covering every single ship in the game! What is your favorite faction? Favorite ship? I’ve probably covered it! I’m hoping to have the whole series done by the end of the year! Maybe some squadron breakdowns in 2023? Legion Breakdowns soon too?

Here’s the whole playlist!