Star Wars Unlimited: FFG’s Third Attempt

Friday March 8th 2024 is the release date for Star Wars Unlimited – a new collectible card game based in the Star Wars Universe by Fantasy Flight Games. This marks FFG’s third dive into Star Wars Card games. Their first attempt was Star Wars: The Card Game; a Living Card Game that didn’t quite have the longevity that fans wanted and ended support with it’s final World Championship Tournament in 2018.

That paved the way for Star Wars Destiny – which broke the format up a bit to see a more traditional “Collectible Card Game” format, but added dice – a single die to each booster. This game was cancelled in 2020, and left many fans swearing that they would never support another FFG game again.

But now Star Wars Unlimited is coming out and it has some fans asking how it will be different this time? Will this game survive for only a few years or will it last like powerhouse card games like Pokémon and Magic the Gathering? With the recent initial success of Disney Lorcana – it seems that CCG’s are on a relative “high” right now – seeing a wave of success. But will the crowded market leave enough room for Star Wars Unlimited to grow? And will the fan base be willing to give FFG yet another chance?

I gave them a chance by attending a pre-release event last week and honestly – I had a pretty good time. The card art isn’t my favorite, but the game played smooth and simple, while having a good depth of interactions and strategy. I think it’s got some promise, but in reality only time will tell.

My initial “First Impressions” video on YouTube

One thing that makes this game different is the inclusion of multiplayer functionality from the beginning. The “Twin Suns” Format is a singleton format that grants each player a second leader, and has a few extra “claim” options for ending each round, but is still very similar to the normal ruleset. I think a casual approach to a game like this is the right approach and I’m looking forward to trying the multiplayer variant with friends!

Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught!

Ok I’ve been waiting for this game forever and it’s finally here!

Core Set Unboxing Video

It’s such a unique experience and something I’ve been wanting for a long time! Most Dungeon Crawl games are cooperative, but not Onslaught! In this game it’s team versus Team, both competing for the treasures in a deep dark dungeon! But there are also monsters! You’ll have to decide on weather to attack the monsters, to seek the treasure, or to attack the other team directly! Add in the ability to level up mid-game and to use once or twice per game temporary abilities and you have some really tense and dynamic moments that can make your games memorable and fun!

Many Arrows Faction Pack Unboxing Video

In addition to the 2 factions in the fore set, more faction packs are available as well! I’m eagerly looking forward to what comes next for this game!

Red Wizards Faction Pack Unboxing

Check them out here:

AMG Misprints – Can it be fixed?

AMG has been having a rough time lately with near constant errors and misprints in many of their recent releases for titles like Legion, Armada, and X-Wing. With a recent vow to do better and some personnel helping out with social media, it looks like they are pledging to make things better in the future. But will it be enough?

AMG recently issued the following notice to their social media with regards to the many errors with the Legion Battle Packs. They offered Print and Play documents on their website to address corrections and items that were left out. And while this effort was addressing the 501st and Separatist Invasion packs, the other Battle Forces have had mistakes as well.

AMG Issued this notice with regards to the errors and missing parts of the recent Legion Battle Force packs.

The Battle Force Packs aren’t the only issues AMG has had with it’s Star Wars titles. Earlier Legion waves have had misprinted cards, cards not included, incorrect basing on the box art, and even “Marvel” printed on Din Djarin and Grogu’s model sprue, in place of Lucasfilm. These types of issues aren’t only for Legion either. X-Wing’s first Scenario Pack “The Battle of Yavin” has multiple misprints and even Armada’s digital-only release “Rapid Reinforcements I” had digital errata shortly after release to correct some significant mistakes.

While it is certainly problematic to have this many errors – we can also recognize that they have acknowledged that there are problems and are pledging to do better. Time will have to tell. How do you think AMG will do in 2023?

A Recent Livestream where we talked about these very issues.

Armada Ship Breakdowns!

I’ve been running a series of Ship Breakdowns for Star Wars Armada – covering every single ship in the game! What is your favorite faction? Favorite ship? I’ve probably covered it! I’m hoping to have the whole series done by the end of the year! Maybe some squadron breakdowns in 2023? Legion Breakdowns soon too?

Here’s the whole playlist!

Rapid Reinforcements I : A Print and Play Wave for Star Wars Armada!

Atomic Mass Games shocked the world today with the surprise announcement, and immediate release of their first “Rapid Reinforcements” wave. The “1” at the end implies this is the first of multiple waves of similar content. While this wave is print and play and does not imply any physical product, it is done so in a near perfect format – giving each new faction a new ship by way of “borrowing” another faction’s ship and using a new print and play card!

Imperial Venator
Rebel Providence
Republic Victory
Separatist Gozanti

Additionally, there are three new squadrons. Strangely, there isn’t a new squadron for the separatists – but I’m sure there is room for that in the future!

Darth Vader in TIE Defender
Hera Syndulla in X-Wing
Anakin Skywalker in Delta-7 Aethersprite

Here is the link to the original PDF:

Epic Lightsaber Giveaway! 50K Subscriber Celebration!

To celebrate the epic milestone of hitting 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, I’m doing something special! I’m giving away a lightsaber! Well, it’s actually an amazon giftcard that you can use to get a lightsaber! The gift card is in the amount of $250, and will digitally sent to the winner! How do you enter to win?

-Be a subscriber to Crabbok on Youtube!

-Ensure your subscriptions are not hidden – I can only select a winner if their subscriptions are public!

-Leave a comment on one of my videos! Multiple comments are ok too! It also counts if your comment is a reply to someone else’s comment!

Here’s a video about the giveaway!

50K Lightsaber Giveaway Video

The winner will be announced during the week of December 19th – 25th at some point during one of my videos. If you win, you’ll have to send me an e-mail at to claim your winnings! As always, any prizes not claimed within 30 days are forfeit.

Good luck! Let’s shoot for 100K next!

No More Armada? Or Just a Pause?

AMG Released this statement on August 20th, 2021. They’ve had Armada since November 2020. They haven’t worked on anything for Armada yet, and don’t plan to now. But maybe they will someday. I’ll admit I was hit VERY hard when I saw this – I was also already struggling with some internal issue that particular Friday, so when this showed up I almost broke. So what does this announcement mean?

First the bad. There isn’t any new product now, soon, or even next year. They don’t have any experienced Armada developers on board and just had 3 games fall into their lap. This isn’t AMG’s fault – but they do have to react to it. They chose not to prioritize making new content for Armada. It’s a tough pill for Armada fans like myself to swallow, but it’s also the facts. And even if they do get things stable enough to devote some time to Armada development by 2022 or 2023… the turnaround time between starting a wave, and it hitting store shelves is typically around 2 years. So it could be 2024 or later before we have any brand new Armada ships in our hands.

Next the mediocre. They are still supporting the game through organized play and reprints. This is significant in that it’s NOT the same treatment games like the Star Wars LCG and Destiny received. It does however resemble Imperial Assault, in some ways, however Imperial Assault has very separate challenges. The good news is that Imperial Assault is still being printed, still gets played, and is also currently expecting new product, as Steve Horvath mentioned back in 2020 – “Imperial Assault’s Story is not finished”. Armada hitting a developmental pause does not mean the end.

The GOOD part. Perspective is important right now. Armada is already used to only 1 ship a year. We’ve seen it with the SSD and similar situations. The game is VERY solid and has a dedicated playerbase. But the key here is that we JUST got so much. First, we got a 1.5 Ruleset, which made some significant changes to the rules, including points updates, and card errata. These changes were also represented in the upgrade card expansion. All the old stuff is new again! That’s years and years of content that’s ripe to go re-explore! Plus we got The Clone Wars! 2 new factions, 4 ships per faction, squadrons, and even more new upgrades, many of which can be used across all 4 factions. Seriously there are so many builds, combos, and changes – it may actually take Armada players 3-4 years to try out all the new ships, commanders, and upgrades!

Our community is strong, and I’ll keep creating content. There’s a plan already in place if the game gets cancelled or support otherwise ends. There’s also tons of homebrew to satisfy those eager for even more content as well. I would urge you to explore the game as it is however, rather than dive to deep into fan made content, as there’s probably TONS of options you hadn’t even considered yet!

This game is pure gold. And it absolutely is NOT dead.

Fantasy Flight Miniatures

Back in early 2020, after massive layoffs, Steve Horvath gave an interview with Team Covenant at the GAMA Trade Show to address the future of Asmodee North America and FFG. He talked about Atomic Mass Games, the RPGs moving to Edge, and gave the first hints of FFG separating it’s board and card games and it’s miniatures games. The Miniatures games were separated into a new studio called Fantasy Flight Miniatures.

My conception of what the FFM logo may have looked like.

They worked for nearly all of 2020 on products for games like X-Wing, Armada, and Legion. Many of the expansions that are coming out now, have John Shaffer listed as “Head of Studio”. This might have surprised some as FFG’s Head of Studio has been Chris Gerber since Andrew Navaro left at the end of 2019. John Shafer was in fact head of studio for Fantasy Flight Miniatures, a dedicated gaming studio.

It is strange, that in November of 2020 this studio was dissolved and everyone was told that they were merging into Atomic Mass Games, under the guise of “Needing a dedicated miniatures studio”. Why not simply have FFM absorb Atomic Mass Games? We talk about this in the latest episode of Double Crit!

A Forgotten Dream

Would you like to play a game? A Forgotten Dream is a brand new experience unlike anything I’ve ever done before! It’s an interactive adventure that you help contribute to directly!

Each chapter will follow a team of heroes through their adventures in the Star Wars Universe – and in much the same way that you would make choices in a Role Playing Game, you can leave character choices in the comments!

RPG-Level Supporters on Patreon can also add suggestions and will vote on multiple choices after each chapter! Then everyone gets to watch the next episode and vote on more choices! Where will the story take us?

The story so far:

Your team was contacted by Axe Lorras, a VIP of the Disphasia Fabric Company. He hired the whole team for a top secret mission to the forbidden world of Geonosis, to collect Geonosian Silk – a material so rare, you’ve never even heard of it before. He also wanted you to be on alert for “Anything else that looks valuable” – whatever that might mean. The team suspects that Disphasia Fabric Company deals in more than just fabric. The team arrived on Geonosis without incident – and upon finding a warehouse with some interesting containers and still-active computer terminals, the team was interrupted with a flash of light! Suddenly Imperial Stormtroopers had them surrounded and stun bolts were fired from all directions.

Somebody set the group up….