Five Thousand Subscribers!

It finally happened!   I want to thank everyone for helping me hit 5K subscribers on youtube!   It’s a pretty big milestone and I’m absolutely thrilled!   As a way to say THANK YOU!!!! to everyone I’m giving stuff away!   On youtube, I’m giving away a C-ROC!  (In the form of a giftcard to coolstuff inc)!

And here on the website I’m having another giveaway on the message boards.   You’ll need to register to enter, but it’s simple and then you’ll just have to post in the giveaway topic under the video games section.  The winner will get a Force Unleashed 2 STEAM key for PC.   It’s an oldie but a goodie!

Thanks so much guys!   You’ve helped me so much through the past few years.  Weather it’s critical feedback, words of encouragement, or catching something that I missed, I generally appreciate all of you!

Here’s the video: