Star Trek vs Star Wars – Re-Taking Crabbok-Nor

Wiz Kids Deep Space Nine – now serving as the Imperial Station – Crabbok-Nor

COVID-19 has certainly been interesting, and the resulting social distancing has forced alot of gamers to have to stay home and rely on computers and internet-based gaming to suffice. I’ve been taking this time to do more with my AI systems and fine tune some of my solo gaming systems.

Running an AI game with the Deep Space Station, I wanted to try something new. In this scenario, the rebels have to get two boarding teams aboard to successfully retake control of the station and claim victory! These boarding teams cannot however, board the station while the shields are still up though, so you’ll need to weaken at least one section enough to get your boarding teams through!

I also tried another tweak to the Armada AI system, which is to allow for 3 vetos during the game, in which I may override the AI’s decision. This is an optional rule I’m working with, similar to a rule I’ve made for the Legion AI system, that gives the player limited control over the potential bad choices the AI might be forced to do.

I decided to go with about 700 points for the Empire, which includes the station – vs 400 points for the Rebels. And considering the AI has performed poorly in the past. There is currently a battle report video of the game available in early access on my Patreon page for A-Wing supporters and higher!

Bellator and Executor Team Up!

The COVID-19 lockdown has us all going sitr crazy! To help pass the time, I’ve been playing more AI games. If you aren’t familiar, you can find my Armada AI system here.

The AI system is amazing for simply passing the time for the sake of fun! This makes it especially fun for huge crazy pitched battles! I wanted to battle two Super Star Destroyers and decided to use the second base that comes with the SSD to support my Bellator model from Mel’s Miniatures.

The results were spectacular!

This was a 400 point fleet for me, facing off against over 1,000 points of Huge Ship AI! Now granted, my AI isn’t exactly the smartest opponent, but it is unpredictable and that can be exciting!

The full video should be up soon on Patreon!

Legion AI v 1.0 is Available Now!

While I’d have liked to test it a bit more before release, I figured this was a really good time to finally release my Legion AI v1.0 so everyone can have some fun playing legion at home!

HERE is a link to the AI system!

Here is a video detailing the system as well!

Command Center!

Got to check out the new Command Center from LV-427 Designs! This one is very reminiscent of the classic Rebel War Room look we saw on Yavin 4 in both Rogue One and Episode 4.

In this video I take a closer look at the Command Center, and as a special treat we look at the connector to the Imperial Bunker, plus a few extra corridor types!

Double Critical Podcast is Live!

Sean and I have started up a new podcast! It’s called Double Critical and you won’t want to miss it!

In our first episode, entitled “The Double Critical” we are talking about doing new things with Surge results and with Dice – starting out with my lovely idea of a unit having Surge to double critical results!

I’d love to hear what you all think of the format!

What to Buy First in Star Wars Legion?

When starting out on a budget, it is easy to get overwhelmed when a game like Star Wars Legion has tons of product available. Even if you are restricting yourself to only a single faction, this can still be a daunting task. I have often made “What to Buy First” videos for lots of the games that I’ve covered over the years, and I’m pleased to report that I’m updating this series for 2020.

First up: The Imperials

The Empire has so many available expansions currently that it can easily be overwhelming for a new player. Since most of us are on a budget, making smart choices for your first few purchases is going to be crucial. Like most lists, I always suggest starting out with not just ONE core set, but two. Conversely, if you have split a core set or two with a friend you’ll both be able to save costs and double your plastic – which is clearly the best value. After that, I generally suggest packs that are very effective, and also packs that have great value, like the Shoretroopers, and Imperial Scouts for value which have two units in each box. Also cheaper Commanders will give you great list diversity, like Director Krennic. See the video for the full breakdown.

Next: Rebels!

The Rebels have also been out for years, and have even more options than the Empire does, considering they now have access to R2-D2 and C-3PO, which actually makes them the largest faction in the game right now, in terms of available units. Alot of figures on this list have changed since last year, and even more new things have been announced and come out. And as always, if there’s something in particular you are looking for or excited about – you should absolutely prioritize things that you are excited over first!

What’s Next?

The Republic and Separatists will be coming next, but I’m not in as much of a rush to get these lists out just yet because the last version I did is still pretty close to accurate, in that we haven’t seen as many units actually release for them just yet. I’ll update them soon however!

Asgardians Have Arrived in MCP!

Thor, Valkyrie, Loki, and Hela have arrived in Marvel Crisis Protocol!

I’ve been doing some coverage of every expansion that’s been coming out for MCP, and in this latest wave of releases we finally get Thor, who is both an Avenger and an Asgardian. This gives him some really cool playable options. Valkyrie is also here, benefitting from that awesome Asgardian ability to get extra power each turn!

Additionally, we get Loki and Hela – and while they are typically Evil, they are absolutely gorgeous sculpts and fantastic characters to bring into the game here! Hera in particular, is my favorite! Loki also comes with the Mind Gem, the first Infinity Stone in the game, which costs 1 additional threat, and counts as a team member when it comes to Roster Building!

My local store didn’t get Vision of Bucky in yet, so I’ll be on the look out for those soon! For now, it’s time to get painting!