What to Buy First in Star Wars Legion?

When starting out on a budget, it is easy to get overwhelmed when a game like Star Wars Legion has tons of product available. Even if you are restricting yourself to only a single faction, this can still be a daunting task. I have often made “What to Buy First” videos for lots of the games that I’ve covered over the years, and I’m pleased to report that I’m updating this series for 2020.

First up: The Imperials

The Empire has so many available expansions currently that it can easily be overwhelming for a new player. Since most of us are on a budget, making smart choices for your first few purchases is going to be crucial. Like most lists, I always suggest starting out with not just ONE core set, but two. Conversely, if you have split a core set or two with a friend you’ll both be able to save costs and double your plastic – which is clearly the best value. After that, I generally suggest packs that are very effective, and also packs that have great value, like the Shoretroopers, and Imperial Scouts for value which have two units in each box. Also cheaper Commanders will give you great list diversity, like Director Krennic. See the video for the full breakdown.

Next: Rebels!

The Rebels have also been out for years, and have even more options than the Empire does, considering they now have access to R2-D2 and C-3PO, which actually makes them the largest faction in the game right now, in terms of available units. Alot of figures on this list have changed since last year, and even more new things have been announced and come out. And as always, if there’s something in particular you are looking for or excited about – you should absolutely prioritize things that you are excited over first!

What’s Next?

The Republic and Separatists will be coming next, but I’m not in as much of a rush to get these lists out just yet because the last version I did is still pretty close to accurate, in that we haven’t seen as many units actually release for them just yet. I’ll update them soon however!