Top 10 Miniatures of 2020

To close out 2020, I’ve ranked my top 10 Miniatures of 2020! As I’ve done previously, I’m only concentrating on miniatures that I cover, and it helps that I can post unboxings for each of them! Here’s my video breakdown!

Top 10 Miniatures of 2020 Video

And if you’re interested in direct links to any of the mentioned products and their individual unboxings – Here is that list!

Links to the products listed:

Monster Fight Club Trees – Legion Terrain – He Man – Skeletor – Clone Wars Squadrons – Munificent – ETA-2 w/Docking Ring – Magneto – TIE Brute – Clan Wren Mandos – Thanos – Wolverine – ARC Troopers – Darth Maul – Starhawk –